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The P & R Difference: What makes our search techniques successful

As a small private firm, with a successful team history in the construction industry, we are able to offer a more personal experience- and focus on customizing searches for each specific client and need. We understand that each scenario and hire is different when it comes to priority and impact on the organization- and want to partner with you to determine the most appropriate course of action for your specific need.

P & R offers the ability to take away the frustration of hiring by freeing up your time sorting through resumes of those not qualified, and thoroughly interviewing each and every candidate, as we are screen out those who don’t meet your expectations or budgets. We evaluate based on experience, skill set, identifying behavioral patterns & behavioral intrviewing techniques, and match that to your company's culture and challenges- to create a "sucess profile" for your comany and your key positions. That way, you are only interviewing a select number of quality candidates who are all 100% capable- it is just about determining the best overall fit within your group at that point. We will make decisions WITH you- not dictate to you.

Our goal is to gain an in-depth understanding of what makes you successful- to ensure we are presenting like-minded professionals who not only possess all the key attributes and skills to perform well, they also fit within your organizational culture and are excited to become part of the team.  As it is critical that we gain a detailed understanding of who you are, it is equally important that we understand the candidates’ needs and desires in their career path and are therefore only presenting to you the individuals whom absolutely will be a fit for your role.

  • We guarantee our candidates with every search option
  • We identify top talent- off the radar screen and not on job boards- and help you attract and retain them

  •   We specialize only in Construction, and our team has actually worked in the industry- so we better understand challenges specific to your market

  •   We will take the time to filter out those who don’t meet your expectations- so you don’t have to and can manage the scheduling and coordination of the entire hiring process

  •   We will ensure candidates fall within your financial budgets for this role and assist in negotiating offer packages

  •   We first understand who you are, and what makes you successful- and then work with you to create a success profile for the right candidate and help you develop behavioral and skill related interview questions to ensure productive and mutually informative interviews

  •   We qualify candidates based on all aspects important to you- not just some of them

  •   We offer multiple and customizable search options to fit each different scenario our clients may have

  •   We make you aware of all possible red flags to be aware of, as well as points that may help you attract the right person that are important to them prior to interviews- and will provide you with insight beyond a resume on candidate values, capabilities, work ethic, and past history of success

  •   We help you evaluate after interviews and quantify the “intangibles” to make the best decisions possible

  •   We won’t make assumptions that lead to costly errors- we let you tell us what’s important and why, so we get it right the first time.

We do offer additional consultative services as well as search & recruitment that you may find beneficial. Please ask your consultant for information on these areas as well.
Confidential Search
Our company is your number one source for executive search and talent acquisition.

P & R is a direct-hire, permanent placement firm that specializes only in Construction Management positions in the Mid-Atlantic and South-East regions of the country.  Our focus is in the Mechanical, Energy, Industrial, Electrical and General Contracting market segments, and pride ourselves in the fact that our team has actually worked in these markets, which gives us a unique approach and understanding to challenges specific to the construction industry. Because we are a smaller, privately held firm- we are also able to provide a more personal and customizable experience to both clients and candidates.

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