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Additional Services
Additional Services:  
    P & R can also provide in depth professional consulting services to benefit other areas of your business, beyond a specific hiring need. Ask your search consultant to discuss the following areas:

Confidential compensation surveys & industry averages over a defined marketplace

Confidential Interviews of existing team members- to identify and profile what makes them successful, potential areas of weakness, and evaluate how your team views your organization

Assistance in writing position descriptions, ads or postings to be published by your company or have us post the position for you

Management of postings and resume responses- but no active search or recruitment efforts

Email campaigns advertising press release, job openings, or promotional material for your organization- but no active search or recruitment effort

Credit and Criminal History for candidates in process

Assist in writing Executive Bio’s and company biography

Provide Confidential market surveys pertaining to your companies’ perceived reputation and culture in the marketplace, as well as strengths and weaknesses as viewed by your competition and peers

P & R will evaluate each of these areas individually, based on time investment, volume, and costs and agree upon a flat based service rate with you for each of the above services.

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