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About Us
"places our company goals ahead of theirs, and demonstrates high level of integrity & unselfishness I find rare."
-VP, Richmond, VA
"Your Trusted Partner in Talent Acquisition: Building Success"
Who We Are
The P & R Team joins with you to provide a valued, consultative & confidential partnership in ensuring your team's success.
Philip T. Coor, Chief Executive Officer
Philip has spent his entire career in the Construction Industry, predominately focused on HVAC, Electrical, Controls, & Energy Conservation work throughout Virginia, DC and Maryland. He grew up locally in the Richmond market, with a family all in the business as well. It was Philip's goal to create a niched executive search firm- that truly centered itself around both client and candidate goal fulfillment and satisfaction, and to accomplish this by building long term relationships  
based off of trust, mutual respect & understanding. P & R is better able to provide you with this type of partnership because of our direct experience working in the industry- and on the recruitment side of it- so we are enabled with a more unique insight to the day-to-day challenges organizations face in today's marketplace; when hiring teams that are both competitive, as well as possess longevity, quality, and loyalty, and that will ultimatley increase your profitablility.
  " We understand, that when it's your business; it's always personal." Philip states.
"My business is here, to help make your business better."

Rosanna Coor, Executive Search Consultant
Rosanna has spent the past 5 years in Construction Executive Search & Recruitment.Prior to P & R, she worked with one of the world's largest and most successful executive search firms, ranking in their top 10%. She has filled roles from VP of Estimating & Pre-Construction, National Sales Manager, and Project Executive, through Superintendents and Controls Technicians, while working with organizations throughout the Mid-Atlantic and South-East regions of the country.

Rosanna actually worked as a project manager herself, prior to entering the recruitment business in early 2005, and has a family background of Engineering & Construction professionals.She and her husband also built their first home together as well.
  "Our goal is to bring value to your company by working with you to expand and/or improve the caliber of your team- and to make that process easy for you." Rosanna says.
"It's a goal we take very seriously, we are impacting people's lives, so we invest a tremendous amount of time with both you and each candidate to ensure success. That's what we do- we build teams that build successful businesses."

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