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Overview of your Search Package Options

A blended package is used for positions that are critical to the organization and are time sensitive, and/or for multiple positions which require thorough, ongoing professional representation and search time investment.

  • P & R will dedicate their time to this search exclusively and will guarantee a specific number of quality candidates within a defined and guaranteed period of time to be agreed upon by the two parties.

  • The service charge is paid in two installments:
  • One-third of the charge is required upon execution of the agreement, as the initial retainer that allows us to focus exclusively on this search. If at the end of the defined timeframe- the client is unsatisfied with the number or quality of candidates presented- the initial retainer is refunded back to you. Provided the client is satisfied- and we are moving forward with scheduling interviews- the retainer is then considered earned, and the remainder of the process is carried out on a contingent basis.
  • The remaining balance is due at the time the candidate starts employment.

  • We will guarantee the candidate for a period of 3 months from the date of hire.

  • No work will begin until the signed agreement is received back by P & R and the first payment is received.

  • The client will agree to work exclusively with P & R for the fulfillment needs of this role- they may interview and hire candidates identified of their own resources, but will agree to exclude other search firms from the process.

          CONTINGENCY SEARCH – 30%
Contingency Search is best used when there is less urgency to the search and the need to fill the position is less critical. You know you would like to ad this person to the team, or replace someone- but it is not deadline driven. There are no guarantees on number of candidates presented, or time frames under our contingency agreement. The client is not held responsible for any payment unless and until a hire occurs.

  • No financial commitment is required to initiate the contingency search                    process.

  • Our service charge is due within 10 days of the candidate starting employment.

  • We will guarantee the candidate for a period of 30 days.

  • Newer clients are often more comfortable with our contingency, because there is no risk to them as an employer, and no commitments until a hire is made. Because there are no mutual commitments, P & R cannot afford to dedicate all resources exclusively to this search, and may have ongoing other projects occurring simultaneously.

  • No work will begin until the signed contingency agreement is received back by P & R from the client.

             FULLY RETAINED SEARCH – 22  1/2%
P & R suggests this option for crucial executive and management positions where the most important factor is knowing that we have reached the complete market of qualified individuals- regardless of geography and identified the absolute best. This are often National or large regional searches, and usually time is not as important as finding the right fit. These are often used for confidential replacements or for impending retirements- where the position is not currently open, and things are still able to get done.

  • P & R will dedicate their time to exclusively your search until it is completed.

  • A minimum of two or three candidates who meet or exceed your predetermined    
         requirements are presented within an agreed time frame that is outlined in the 
         written agreement.

  • You are agreeing to exclude all other search firms from the hiring process

  • You are given first right of refusal on candidates, which means no candidate  will be  presented to competing organizations until client has determined that there is no   
         interest in pursuing the relationship.

  • You are able to interview and hire candidates coming to you of your own resources-  and may chose to have P & R interview and assess them as well. You are         
         committing to interview the 2 or 3 candidates identified by P & R as well.

  • Our service charge is paid in three installments:
  •      The first installment is paid upon execution of the signed  agreement. This is a 
              non-refundable retainer that allows us the time investment to complete the 
  •      The second installment is paid at the time initial interviews are scheduled. If the
               client chooses not to move forward with interviews- the agreement will be 
               terminated. Once interviews are scheduled, the second installment is 
               considered earned.
  •       The final installment is paid at the date the candidate starts employment.

  • P & R will guarantee the candidate for a timeframe of 6 months.

  • No work will begin until P & R receives a signed contract back and the first retainer payment.

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